Thursday, September 3, 2009


My Mission
I am on a mission to REDUCE. I need to reduce my debt, weight, time wasted and monthly expenses. The reason for starting this blog is to hold myself accountable. Some expenses can't be changed but the ones that can REALLY can. So I am on a mission to drop my monthly grocery budget by half. With three growing kids and 2 adults food leaves this house faster than it comes in. So with the help of coupons combined with grocery store deals and a solid meal plan I will do my best. At first I am going to try to reduce it by $200 a month.

So I will be posting my regular deals I get at the stores for the week. Then the following week on Monday I will be posting my meal plan with what I bought the week before. Not all of my items will be from coupons.

This week I went to a lot of stores for my deals. This is not a normal practice. I do most of my shopping between Target and Schnucks.

My Meal plans will be posted by Monday for that week. The meal plan will consist of recipes from the internet, cook books or my own recipes. I will be adding a post this week on how I do my meal plans to save my family time/money.

Coupons!! I love coupons when I can get the items I need for less than the store brand and sometimes FREE. Who doesn't love to get things for free?? I will be adding a post this week on how and where I get my coupons. How I use them to cut my grocery budget.

So with that being said I did take advantage of the free $10 off of $50 at shop n save. (This will be a quick post tonight and not as detailed as my previous post.)

I did a random trip to get odds and ends for the items on my menu I didn't have in stock. With mf cpns and the $10 my OOP 39.19 Saved 50.94 (saved is not including sale price. That is just in cpns.)

I also ran into Schnucks to take advantage of the great meat sale on pork roast .87lb and split chicken breast .99lb. I bought 3 roast 2 cut into steaks for Labor Day and one to use later in the month. I also got 3 pkg of breast to be used through out the month. So if you have a chance to get into Schnucks stock up!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Target steals

Lovin my Target

Quick trip to Target today to cash in on the great deals going right now.

OOP 17.51 Saved 29.78 Plus $5GC
What I bought.

Kid Essentials Boost 8.99
Target cpn $2 Here
Manfacturer $5 Here
Final price-1.99

Whole Grain Cheezit 2.50
$.75 PrintHere
Final price- 1.75
(I confess I am a cheezit junkie)

Nutrigrain Bars 2.39
**Buy two boxes recieve 1/2 gallon OJ free 2.49**
Target cpn $.50/1 Here
(8/2 KB) save 1.00/2
I had a cpn for $1 off from last month
final price-.89 box plus free OJ!

**Special K deal Buy 4 boxes and recieve $5 GC**

Speical K cereal 2.39 ea
(8/2 KB) 1.00/2
Last month printable cpn $1
Final price-1.39-1.89

Special K bars 2.39 ea
Target cpn .$50
Printable cpn .$75 Here
Final price $1.14 ea

** I purchased
1 box Speical K cereal 1.39 and 3 box Special K bars 1.14 ea
OOP 4.81 and recieve $5 GC
overage of .19**

Poptarts $1.52 8ct box
(this is the price @ S.City Target. I haven't found this price @ others)
Target cpn .75/1 Here
printable cpn Here
Final price-.22 ea

You can also use this deal w/12ct box and free OJ
Final price-1.14 ea you would buy 2

I also bought my Milk/bread in this transaction. Which were both store brand.
Bread 1.39
AF Milk2% 2.44
(did you know it is Hormone free)

Another great deal is-
$5 GC w/purchase of 5
Edy's Ice Cream $2.50
(8/23 RP) Save $1.00 (regional) can purchase at
Coupon Clippers
Target $1 Here
Final Price, 1.50-$.50 ea

**Buy 5 Edy's @$2.50
Get $5 GC
Final Price, $2.50 Money Maker
Even with out the RP cpn it is a great deal. I would have gotten them but I don't have the freezer space. (this is a goal for the new year. Buy a freezer)

I love shopping at Target especially at S.City because I have a larger selection. I get many deals when stacking Target Cpns w/Manufacturer cpns.

This was all I purchased today you might find many more deals for your family at
Stretching a Buck

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back for seconds

KMart Double Take

Well I couldn't help but go back for more. I got $7 in coupons at check out yesterday so I must redeem them. Right??

On my second trip I got 2 All detergent, 4 bags Knorr pasta, 3 juicy juice 8pks, Men's degree and suave body wash (due to oldest DS using ours for bubbles last night).

OOP 17.49 Saved 21.81

All detergent $11
(8/2 RP) $2 ($4)
Final price-$7

Men's Degree 3.99
(8/2 RP) $2 ($4)
Final price-free

Suave body wash 1.99
(8/2 RP) $.50($1)
final price-.99

Knorr pasta 5/$5 bought 4
(8/2 RP) $.50/2 ($1/2) used 2
final price-$.50 ea

Juicy Juice 2/$5 bought 3
Kmart register cpn $1/3 ($2/3)
found cpn .50 ($1)
final price-1.50 ea

Plus an additional $7 of Kmart saving cpn

Now that was fun!

Stayed tuned for Coupon organizing, Schnucks/shop n save trips this week.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kmart trip 8/30

KMart is doubling!

Today was the first day for double cpn week at Kmart. So being the deal lover I am I had to see what I could get for free or pretty darn close to free. I am very pleased with what I got today and I found more cpns so I will be head back to the store for more tomorrow.

OOP 29.37 Saved 27.01

What I got
Juicy Juice 2/$5 no cpn

Pringles 1.89 ea
(8/2, PG) save $1./2 -($2./2)
final price-.89 ea

Crest kids 2.39
(8/2, PG) save $0.75 -($1.50)
final price-

Glade Candles 3.49
printable cpn $2($4)
final price-free

Dove Deoderant 2 twin pack 4.99ea
printable cpn $2 (4.00)
my store was out of the 3.99 sale item
final price-.99ea-free

Degree 3.99ea
printable cpn $2
final price-free

Pert Plus 3.49
(8/2, SS) save $1.50 -($3)
final price-free

Oral B Zooth tooth brushes 2.99 ea
(8/2, PG) save $.50 -($1) I used 2
final price-1.99 ea

Reach tooth brushes 2.69 ea
(6/14 SS) save $1 ($2)
(8/2, S2) save $1.50/2 -($3/2)
final price-.69-1.19

Honey bunces of Oats 4/$9
printable cpn $2
final price-free

Aveeno lotion 3.19
printable cpn $2 ($4)
final price-free

Scotch Tape multi pack 3.69
printable cpn $2 ($4)
final price-free
(pop up dispenser was out this was a replacement)

All laundry detergent $11
printable cpn $1 ($2)
Final price-$9 (.09 a load)
Also available cpn
(8/2, RP) save $2 -($4)
final price $7

At the end of this shopping trip I also recieved $1 and $5 off next purchase. I also recieved $1 off next Juicy Juice purchase of 3. So I plan on using that this week. That will give me 3/$5.50

For more deals they might work for you check outStL Mommy

Double Coupon Promotion:

•Super Double Manufacturer Coupons Up to $2.00 with purchase of $25 or more in grocery & drugstore merchandise
•Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of a single item.
•No cash or in-store purchase credit will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item.
•Limit 1 coupon for each item purchased. Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item. You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons.
•Excludes Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons.
•Limit 10 coupons per customer per day.

Check your local advertisement
or contact your local store to verify if you are having a promotion. If you are in St. Louis areas that receive the Post Dispatch will have the same promotion.